2020-21 Tryout Information UPDATED 11/13 3PM

2020-21 Tryout Information UPDATED 11/13 3PM

UPDATE 11/13 3PM

We will be concluding all first looks and call backs for all division by tomorrow afternoon. Coaches are and will be working through the lists of possible players and level placement.  Please be patient and you WILL receive either a request for a verbal commitment by a coach or an email from the program.

The call backs for the U15 division are tomorrow from 10:30 – 1:00 and we will be sending out the packet of paperwork that MUST be brought in tomorrow along with the minimum of the deposit of $225 very soon this afternoon/evening.

The new process is that we CANNOT have anyone sign a commitment contract until 11/19 or after.  We do collect all the other paperwork for ease of collection and processing at the 2nd evaluations which has or will occur before this date.

We can send out email invites and request verbal confirmation until then, so you may get one of those soon or may have even received one from the U17/18 coaches.

The U16 & U15 invites and verbal response requests should be sent out by Sunday.

In the meantime, those for tomorrow will be receiving the packet shortly.