Attendance Policy

Practice Attendance


We have hard and fast rules for practice attendance and players may be excused from practice for family emergencies, church related functions, school academic functions, school sports and family vacations. We do not excuse for social functions and we give each player 2 unexcused absences to use. If a player goes beyond 2, they are automatically dropped from the program and parents must pay the entire sum of the contract. Our systems of play are advanced as well as the skill we teach at each level which is why we demand that the kids are there for practices.


We use a parent financial agreement which is signed at the beginning of the season. We encourage kids to play other sports but take a good look at their schedule to make sure they can fit this in before signing a contract.




You should have contact information for your team coach and that is who you should text or email the REASON for your absence. If you cannot get ahold of your coach, please email the coach running the division as shown below.  They will get the information to your direct coach.

U18: Morgan Hooe
U16-17: Brooke Pottle
U15: Roxie Knight
U14: Tyler Arnold
U13: Virgil Hooe

Should you not be able to reach any of the above, you can send an email to and the information will get forwarded.

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