February Tournaments UPDATED 2-11

February Tournaments UPDATED 2-11

This is the schedule being posted for February teams & locations as of 2/11.  Please make sure you are checking this regularly for any changes or corrections.

Saturday, February 15th    O’Malley Sports Center

Tournament 2-15 Dolly Varden & Grayling UPDATED 2-11

Dolly Varden Flight 6

MS Vanessa, MS Reilly, MS Tycie (changed)

Grayling Flight 7

MS Red, MS White, MS Blue, MS Purple

Sunday, February 16th            MTA Sports Center, Palmer

Tournament 2-16 Rainbow PALMER

Rainbow Flight 5

MS CJ/Renee, MS Tyler, MS Keri/Rachel (changed)

Saturday, February 22nd              O’Malley Sports Center

Tournament 2-22 Coho & Pink

Coho Flight 2

MS Stan, MS John, MS Larry

Pink Flight 4

MS Steve/Thomas, MS Gina/Holly, MS Anais

Sunday, February 23rd               MTA Sports Center, Palmer

Tournament 2-23 Chinook PALMER

Chinook Flight 1

MS Morgan, MS Kim, MS Kat/Brooke, MS Brenda/Rachel

Tournament 2-23 Sockeye PALMER

Sockeye Flight 3

MS Bree, MS Rachel, MS Dorene

The Google calendar has been updated and will be updated with any changes that might occur.  The TOURNAMENTS & JAMBOREES calendar show ALL teams and divisions.  Each level calendar will only show information for those teams that started the season in that level. If you want confirmation information, please subscribe to both the TOURNAMENTS & JAMBOREES AND your LEVEL calendar