New Players

Is your family new to Midnight Sun?

If you are new to club volleyball, you might have questions about the path your daughter might take in the Midnight Sun program. The below is an overview of the typical path players take when they start club volleyball, though each player’s trajectory is unique.

Skill Building & Training Programs

Building blocks for success

Players who are brand new to the sport often benefit from our summer clinics or other non-affiliated training programs that focus on getting players on the court, having fun, and getting touches on the ball. During these programs - and especially during Midnight Sun summer clinics - players begin to build a foundation of skills such as passing, defense, hitting, setting and serving.

Team Opportunities

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Players looking to further build their volleyball skills should consider trying out for a Midnight Sun club team. Players who are placed on a Midnight Sun team enjoy a full November-April volleyball season where they are coached by talented, qualified coaches in a demanding but fun environment. We field over 20 teams in a variety of age and skill divisions, so depending on a player’s age, skill, and commitment level, there are a number of team options available.

School Volleyball

Play for your Middle or High School

Many of the players who play on Midnight Sun club teams also play volleyball for their middle school or high school teams. Generally, school teams offer a great opportunity for players to build upon the skills they learn during club season. The high school volleyball season takes place in the fall and ends just as Midnight Sun tryouts are getting started.

Club Tournaments & Travel

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Our teams participate in at least four in-state tournaments each season. These tournaments feature Midnight Sun sister teams from the Valley and Kenai Peninsula and offer a great level of competition without leaving the state. The club also fields teams to compete at out-of-state tournaments, including the Volleyball Festival each June.

College Placement

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Midnight Sun teams travel to a number of tournaments in the Lower 48 that serve as great showcases for top players on our elite teams. Depending on skill and commitment level, college coaches attending these tournaments may reach out to players to discuss collegiate playing opportunities at the NCAA, NAIA, or Junior College levels. Midnight Sun has an outstanding track record of developing players who go on to play volleyball in college - many on scholarship.

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