Initial Tryout


Participation on our club teams is through a tryout basis. Tryouts are usually held in the middle of November.


Tryout information for 2020 is now posted! Click the button below to view the Tryout Flyer.

Secondary Evaluation


Once we select players from the first try-outs, a call-back list will be posted to this website indicating the players who are invited back for a second round of evaluations. At the secondary evaluation, we look at players by position before placing them within specific divisions and drafting them onto teams.


At the second evaluations, players bring paperwork that includes: Player/parent Contract, Financial Contract, Payment method sheet, Medical history, Code of Conduct, and media release.


We select a large number of players from the tryouts, though we do have to cut a number of players. Players are drafted onto even teams into the following divisions:


U18 & below- Varsity Gold – 3 – 4 teams
U17 & below – Varsity Silver – 3 – 4 teams
U16 & below – JV Gold & Silver – 3 – 4 teams in each division
U15 & below – C division- 3 – 4 teams
U14 & below – 3 – 4 teams
U13 & below – 3 – 4 teams
Youth 12/13 – for less-experienced 6th & 7th graders



For players selected at tryouts and drafted onto a Midnight Sun team, we use O’Malley Sports Center for tournaments & practices and The Arctic Rec Center for practice. Practices are twice a week starting at 4:30 or 5:30 and are two hours long each practice day. Practices can be held on any weekday or Saturday. Once we set the times and days of the week for practices, we do not change them unless we have a crisis with gym time, which is very rare. We practice up to the start of Christmas break, resume practices at the end of the break, and go strong up to Spring Break and then finish up the first week in April.

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